When we started this project, the CWFL was in need of a platform to communicate with the league participants to keep them up-to-date with the stats, games times and results, as well as to advertise their existence to local women and their tournaments to North America.

They needed a place to promote the family atmosphere and the camaraderie that the league provides its members. They also needed a photo gallery and a front-and-center location for the weekly stats.

Together we came up with a solution that would cleanly advertise their Northwest Championship Tournament, rotating photos, as well as the weekly standings on every page. We also created a photo gallery that allows growth, to showcase historic pictures as well as categorizes recent photos.

The CWFL also needed the website to remain up-to-date throughout the season. We developed a maintenance package that would allow them to maintain their website through weekly updates, allowing the website visitors to have the most recent information on demand.

We added an analysis tool to monitor the site activity. Each month the CWFL received a stats report. The report had details about the locations of the site visitors, daily activity, how visitors arrived at the site, how long they stayed on the site, which pages were the most popular and suggestions for maintaining a high search engine standing and lots of site activity.