About Holli Yeoh

Holli’s dream of starting a family some day led her to an epiphany. She would dream big and start a knitwear business, too. What could be better than staying at home with her baby and working on her other passion, knitting, at the same time? That was the moment Bee’s Knees Knits was born. Holli was so convinced of the potential for her big idea that she ordered the company labels right away.


Holli Yeoh, a textile designer specializing in children’s knitwear and patterns, recently decided it was time to give her brand and online image a makeover. After changing her brand name and logo, she wanted to update her online image and streamline the structure of her website to complement her new brand. In addition, Holli wanted to add an e-commerce component to her online presence. All of these changes needed to be completed in an extremely tight timeframe, since Holli was going to be featured in Vogue Knitting!


Although the deadline was tight, I was able to redesign Holli’s website based on her new logo and brand, and give her an online makeover to be proud of. I gave her site a cleaner, softer, and more organized look, and also incorporated an affordable e-commerce system into her existing site structure.