About Comfy Cozy Blankies

Simply the softest blanket you will ever feel! Once you have held one of our blankies you will not want to put it down! Our blankets are made from 100% luxurious Minky fabric, better known as super soft Chenille. Each blanket is hand made and customized to suit your needs. Visit website >>


After establishing her custom-made baby blanket business, Edina Medeiros decided it was time to expand her marketing capabilities. She needed a brand, a website, a logo, and business cards to effectively introduce her new company. She also wanted the ability to offer her blankets for sale online, but was concerned that e-commerce was something she could not yet afford.


After Edina came up with a name for her company (Comfy Cozy Blankies), I created her logo to accurately represent her desired brand image, built her website, and produced her business cards. I also created an affordable e-commerce system allowing visitors to her site to custom design their blankets, calculate the cost, and be instantly linked to Edina’s PayPal account.

I encourage you to indulge in a Comfy Cozy Blankie today. They are great for the whole family.