About Eureka Outdoor Camp

At Eureka Outdoor Camp, the academic aspects of an invisible disability are much less likely to interfere with success in making friends and learning new skills.

How I Help!

Eureka Camp was in need a new website that would allow them to showcase their unique qualities and allow for them to increase their visibility.  When Eureka Camp came to me, they were in desperate need of getting their name out there.  We overhauled their website with a new design (supplied by Sabrina Modder: String Creative) and took their site through a rigorous Search Engine Optimization plan.  They now appear in the top 5 for their ideal keywords and have remained there for over a year now.

String Creative

String Creative transforms your ideas and intentions into strikingly intelligent visuals. Through an interactive process, they work with you to create graphics that distinctively represent your brand. From stationery to storefront, website to annual report, your image is clever, unwavering, and unforgettable.