About Stonz Wear Inc.

Lisa’s favourite quote is “There is no such thing as bad weather; only inappropriate clothing.”  As an active mom based on Canada’s wet and rugged West Coast, Lisa discovered that finding warm footwear for her young kids was near impossible. With her five-month old son in a backpack, Lisa resorted to wrapping scarves around her son’s legs to keep him warm. When she met another mom who had 6 years earlier made a boot that looked a lot like a fleece-lined chalk bag for her child, Lisa instantly knew these booties could fill a need in the market.


Stonz Wear Inc. came to me looking for a website redesign, newsletter, and ongoing website maintenance. Their existing site was based on an e-commerce content management system.

Building on the existing content management system, I designed the site to incorporate regular updates with themes according to season. I developed new calls to action to encourage site visitors to check out new products and features. I also created an e-newsletter with content provided by copywriter Jessica Grajczyk.