What does the gardener being on vacation and growing your grass have in common?  You guessed it: Cervical Cancer.  Well…ok maybe you didn’t guess it.  Let me tell you why.  I recently teamed up with two phenomenal women to launch the Bikini WAXATHON. Introducing Kim McMullen of Flipside Creative (one the city’s BEST creative designers) and Karen Engelage of Beauty Solutions (one of the city’s BEST beauty supply companies).

Karen wanted to increase awareness of cervical cancer – and kick it to the curb! So she has teamed up with some of Vancouver’s best waxers (thank you Cranberries Spa) to host JULYNA!

So, send the gardener on vacation, put down your razers, put a halt to waxing and GROW YOUR HAIR (DOWN THERE) to help support Cervical Cancer Research ladies (& MEN??).

Here’s how it works:

  1. You let your hair grow down there for the month of July.
  2. Call Cranberries Spa at 604 696 9191 to book a wax on August 7 from 12-4pm. You MUST book ahead! We’ll wax you back to beauty. Choose from the Berry Basic, the Berr-ly There, or the Berry Bare.
  3. All the proceeds benefit the Canadian Cancer Society and cervical cancer research.