Westberry Farms live and breathe blueberries – they grow them, handpick them, pack them on-site, and ship them to market with care. Every package of blueberries is filled with the Valley’s liquid sunshine and the sweetness of the rich fertile soil. They pride ourselves on delivering freshness, quality, and that sweet juicy taste that you all know and love every time.

Not to mention they make the best blueberry treats I have ever taste.  AND one heck of a family brunch.  If I wasn’t past the age of adoption, I would put it out there.

Simran took charge of the project and drove it start to finish.  She had brilliant ideas on what the new website needed to be like and exactly what they needed from it.  Get Jacked connected with our favourite design team once again, Flipside Creative, to hammer out this whopper of a site.

First and foremost, we needed to have picture of the family, the fruit, the farm as this is what makes Westberry Farms unique in this industry. They truly are about the family and community.  Because of this, it shows in the berries they produce.  It is almost like they are infused with the family love.

On top of the family feel, Simran really wanted to allow their customers to submit their own recipes.  What better way to showcase your fruit than with customer approved recipes.  YUM IN OUR TUM.  So the ability to submit your own recipe with photo was sure to be a feature on their website.  Aside from those must have features, the website is equipped with all the standard features.

Obviously, we built the site in WordPress so Simran and her family can manage the site in their spare time.

If you find yourself mid winter and craving blueberries, contact Simran at Westberry Farms, there might just be a frozen case of homegrown blueberries with your name on it.

Just follow the blueberry trucks!

Launch Date: October 31st