Lower Mainland Down Syndrome Society

Get Jacked coupled with Flipside Creative on this 24-Hour Create-a-thon.  This non-profit event is Flipside Creative’s baby and they have been putting this on for years.  Essentially, they run a contest where Non-Profit organizations can submit their applications for assistance.  The Flipside Creative team carefully reviews all the applicants and accepts as many as possible to help fulfill their “dreams”.  This year, Flipside Creative selected 3 organizations and we got to work on November 3rd-4th.

Prior to the 24-hour Create-a-thon, the Flipside team outlines the “must-haves” for each selected applicant as well as comes up with a couple additional “nice-to-haves” if time permits.  All the work began on November 3rd at 8am and went straight through the day and night and wrapped up at 8am Friday morning.  The chosen organizations came into the office at 8am on Friday morning for the unveiling of the work completed.

I packed up my stuff and took it down to Flipside’s office and worked through the night with the ladies of Flipside.  Natalia kept us all on track and assisted me with content population for the LMDSS website.  Stacey worked on new branding for The Vancouver Fruit Tree project.  She came up with a FANTASTIC new logo, business cards, brochure and other stuff…not only meeting the “Must-Haves” but almost got the whole “Nice-to-Have” list completed as well.  This was a GREAT surprise for them when Stacey showed them their new branding.  And Kim, the mast brain behind the project, designed the LMDSS website as well as had the PocoMo project on her watch.

The LMDSS website was built in WordPress, of course, and we successfully launched the website November 7th, 2011.

Congratulations to the Flipside team for such beautiful and giving work.  Your heart goes into everything you do and it shows with this project for sure.  It was a pleasure to be stuck in an office with you for 24 hours+ working for such a great cause.  Looking forward to being part of the team for next year as well.

 Launch Date: November 7th, 2011