OH MY GOODNESS, Leaping Lizards! It is Christmas. The holidays are here and we are wrapping up 2011 for a brilliant kick start to the New Year.

Get Jacked is officially closed until December 28, 2011. Yessiree…We are back in the office on Wednesday to do some light housekeeping and make sure no one is in crisis mode. BUT…We will be putting on our party hats and stepping into our fancy pants for a little foolishness as of 2pm on Friday, December 30th and back to business on Wednesday, January 4th, 2012.

Please have a wonderful and family/friends filled holiday season. We will be soaking up the eggnog like a sponge and devouring the rumballs like medicine. And if we can find the foam swords…a little larping. bwahhahaha…

Happy Holidays to you all.


PS. Transit is your friend…don’t drink and drive.