Did you know that mortgage brokers are essential?

I’m not joking.  Without them, the banks wouldn’t have competition, leaving you to foot about a 3% interest difference.  That’s quite a bit of dough when you own in Vancouver – or anywhere in BC for that matter.  Luckily for us, there are mortgage brokers, and the best brokers can be found at MA West.

To showcase their knowledge, credibility and general awesomeness, we built their site in WordPress using a clean and smart Flipside design.  We made sure that visitors could easily see how and where to contact them through social media.  We also included some valuable mortgage tools which would help educate visitors.

Now, people all across BC can get in touch with a mortgage specialist with ease.  MA West’s mortgage brokers are a stellar cast of knowledgeable characters with a next-to-none excellence record. Be sure to check them out if you think you can’t afford to buy or need a custom-tailored mortgage solution.

Launch Date: October, 2011