I wanted to thank you all for the amazing year and I appreciate the great relationship that I have with each and every one of you.  My business has gone through many changes in 2011, like officially becoming “Get Jacked Marketing” and launching our new website www.getjackedaboutit.ca.   But the biggest change was more of a hurdle but a good one…which was growing pains.  And I owe it all to you, my peeps.    I also would like to take the time now to thank all of you who have been patient during this time as some things took longer than they should have to complete and for that I am sincerely grateful from the bottom my heart for hanging in there while we were bursting at the seams from time to time.

I once heard a newscaster refer to giving bad news with good news as a “Slap and Tickle” and so here is the slap to go with the tickle.  I am implementing a couple changes with maintenance clients for 2012.  First of all, you are no longer being called Maintenance Clients…it is far too impersonal.  You are officially now “Honey-Do Regulars” and from here on out will be referred to as “My Super Happy Honey-Do Regulars”.  If you don’t know if you are a Honey-Do Regular, here are a couple questions to help you figure it out:

1)     Do I send Get Jacked emails with a “Honey-Do” list for updates for my website / blog / search engine optimization / enewsletters / social media stuff?

2)     Do I call Get Jacked and say “OMG, I don’t know what the stink I have done, please help me, I am desperate and will pay you anything, send you flowers and bake you some delicious treats.” (bwahahaha)

3)     Do I send Get Jacked money monthly or throughout the year for being lovely? (ok ok, maybe not for being lovely, but definitely for being by your side and helping you with keeping your websites up-to-date and as fantastic as you are.)

Now that you have established if you are a Honey-Do Regular, here are the changes:  Of course I am open to your suggestions because at the end of the day, I want to make you happy and stay “Jacked” about working with me, so if you have any questions or concerns or even just want to say these changes are brilliant, I have more ears than a corn field.

1)     Introducing the “Debit Plan” –  Honey-Do Regulars will now be on a “Debit Plan”.  The Debit plan is a pre-pay plan where you can purchase as little or as many hours in advance as you need.  I will keep track of the time spent and just debit your account, while keeping you in the know of your account balance after every withdrawal.  The advantages are that you will have money banked for emergencies and ongoing updates as well you can more easily budget throughout the year.  This plan will eliminate on-going administrative time for both of us and eliminate late payment fees (no one likes those).  This is something I introduced to many of my new clients mid-year and it has worked fluidly so I am going viral with it to all my Honey-Do Regulars.  Most Honey-Do Regulars purchase 6 ($360), 12 ($720), 18 ($1080), 24 hour ($1440) packages.  There is no expiry date on the purchased time.  Some of you only use maybe 4 hours a year, so you can also purchase minimums as well.  If you already have banked hours, your rates will remain the same until those hours are used up.

a.     IF YOU FLAT OUT THINK THIS STINKS… then you have an option.  Your option is an hourly rate of $70/hour on the as-needed basis and invoiced monthly.  (So if you were on the debit plan, for every 6 hours purchased you technically get a fee hour. $420 – $360 = $60 = free hour)

2)     DREADED Inflation – Since we are all consumers, we all know that the price of cheese has gone up and because of that I eat less cheese but drink more booze to calm the pain of eating less cheese, but booze has also increase in price.  So, as a result of everything in life costing a lot more now…it is time that I keep up with the Jones’.  Keep in mind that I have not raised my prices since I started 7 years ago but regretfully, it is time.  My hourly rate for Honey-Do Regulars is now $60/hour.  This is still significantly less than the average hourly rate which can range from $75-$125/hour in my industry.

3)     “DO IT NOWRate I try to get honey-do requests completed within 3 business days, but sometimes it is necessary to take advantage of the red exclamation mark for emergencies in your emails.  Well, if you have an emergency that needs to be completed within 24 hours, that means that I have to push someone else back or usually end up working late.  To attempt to make sure that everyone is taken care of in a timely manner, “Do It Now” rates (or in other words “Rush Rates”) are charged at double.

So a huge THANK YOU to you all and I hope that you had a wonderful holiday and most importantly a safe and healthy New Year.  So put your 2011 party pants away and on with the 2012 “We will Rock You” t-shirts.  The plan is to make it an adventurous one.  Let’s GET JACKED for 2012.