If you are like me, you are terrified of dentists.  As a child, I always imagined my dentist cackling maniacally in his office before he drilled holes in my mouth.

That is NOT what the dentists at Kits Family Dental are like. KFD is a dentistry where kids  and adults actually aren’t afraid to visit because the staff are gentle, friendly and fun.  So, when they wanted a new website, I happily obliged the only dentists who don’t scare me to death!

Kits Family Dental is such a unique dentistry that they were awarded GOLD for Best Dental Clinic in the WestEnder (WE)!  Everything about the staff rocks: from reception to dentist, they are always kind and relaxed. They love to introduce young children and babies to a fun and non-threatening form of dentistry, even taking the time to host school field trips to educate and take away “the scare factor”.

KFD wanted to be able to update their site regularly with tips and awesome awards, so we set them up with beautiful and clean pages in WordPress which gives them complete control over their content.  Their site is also compatible across all platforms and browsers, ensuring all possible clients can view the site.  Clients are also able to book an appointment and update their emergency contact information online.

If you need to see a dentist but dread doing so, give Kits Family Dental a call.  I swear they eat tablespoons of sugar, they treat you so sweetly. Then, they brush their teeth – and yours. But, I’d rather have that over maniacal laughter any day.

Launch Date: February 15, 2012