Who you gonna call?

That’s right…RDS

RDS is an IT company that actually makes sense, and I don’t just mean when they try to describe technical jargon to me. Their company and purpose are clear: They make IT work. And boy do they ever. RDS takes care of all IT services, from setting up a complex network to managing that network, ensuring productivity is never down for the count.

I have never met friendlier techies! No question is a dumb question with these guys. Nothing is more frustrating than getting a new system and being completely stumped as to how to use it. With RDS, they go beyond making IT work to helping businesses know how to make IT work for themselves. And the stuff you’d rather not mess with (because who knows what a “whatchamacallit” actually does)? RDS will gladly manage the “whatchamacallit” for you. Note: The RDS boys won’t do your work for you, sadly.

For RDS, their site obviously had to work across multiple platforms. With their clients coming from a broad range of platforms and browsers, RDS needed a multitasking website capable of spanning even mobile browsers. They also got some dynamic content to boost their search-ability and make them more visible to future clients.

The RDS team are epic computer whiz’s. If your employees are taking the tech out back and smashing it with a baseball bat, give RDS a call. They can’t guarantee they can glue it back together, but they can make sure IT doesn’t happen again.

Launch Date: January, 2012