Well, we all love McLovin, our lovely Golden Retriever.  She is a GREAT dog, a Great Friend, and just all around perfect.

BUT…or do I mean BUTT

She has been known to use her nose as a probing device.  We all know dogs smell personal body parts to get a “scents” of who you are.  It is all fine and dandy in my own house or even in the park when you see it coming.

Just to prepare you a little bit, she is aggressive with her sniffs.  If she were human, she would be in jail for those crimes.  This is why we have a no skirt rule in our house…she will take you by surprise and I guarantee that you want some article of clothing between her nose and your parts.


Yesterday, while walking to the post office at the corner of Broadway and Commercial, she crossed a line.  If you know Vancouver, you know that Broadway and Commercial is a very very busy corner.  Lots and lots of pedestrians catching buses and skytrains.  We were standing at a red light waiting to cross, when all of the sudden the girl next to us started looking frantically around her…but the only people close to her were my husband and I.  She looked at us, then looked down and started to laugh.  Because of her frantic behavour, we asked what’s wrong…and she said “I was trying to figure out who did that”.  I was confused…who did what? Then it was very clear…because there was McLovin, wagging her tail…at the perfect height for an invasion.

Oh McLovin…it is a good thing you are so darn cute.

But seriously dog…you could at least let them see you coming.