Well, I will tell you…it was the delicious Indian Butter Chicken.

Last night, I took a cooking class at the newly rebuilt Community Centre in my neighbourhood.  What a beautiful facility that is, we are very lucky.

So back to the cooking class.  A couple of neat things happened.  First of course was the fact that we were able to bring home the left overs.  Second, there were two ladies in the class who were speaking French the whole time.

Left Overs

So the class itself was wondering.  It was a mother & daughter duo teaching the class.  We made Rice and Peas, Chai Tea and Butter Chicken.  Did you know that there is no butter in butter chicken?

The aroma in the room was beautiful.  After we had prepared the dish and it needed to simmer, the instructors told us to take our Chai tea and go walk about the Community center…everyone was wondering why? Were they going to put a secret ingredient in the dish that they didn’t want to share with us?  Is butter chicken to East Indians, like magic tricks to magicians? They can show us most of the trick, but not all of it?

The truth was….because we were sitting in the class for the hour, we could no longer appreciate the aroma since we were used to it.  So we all left the classroom and roamed about for 5 minutes.  When we returned to the classroom, the door was open and there was a sea of people standing at the door…dying to taste our creation.  But alas, it was not for them.  When we came back into the room, WOW, what a smell…

And the scents definitely delivered to my taste buds.  What a great meal…one of my favourites.

The French Ladies

The two ladies sitting next to me, were speaking french the whole time.  They spoke english as well when asking questions.  But the interesting thing is, they were from Paris.  How amazing, it is one of my dreams to take cooking classes in other countries.  And seriously, is there a better place to take them than at a local community centre with the REAL people of that area? Brilliant, I truly hope to do that one day.


I can be bribed to make Butter Chicken…name your price people.


It is 8am, the next morning and I have Butter chicken leftovers in the fridge.  Is it too early to eat it?