Every once and a while, I get a chance to work on a site which is creatively designed and built, especially in terms of functionality.  We partnered with Flipside to create one such site for Stephanie Orr, a top-tier realtor.  With an impressive attention to detail and dedication to her clients, Stephanie needed a website which matched her level of excellence and experience.

This website is second to none with a vast array of flexible and useful tools – for both Stephanie and her clients.  Stephanie constantly needs to update her site with new information and photos.  The information she posts – such as her featured neighbourhood or her current market update – automatically updates on her site under the appropriate thumbnail.  It’s that simple!

Her listings do the same, but with radically streamlined and beautifully designed features.  When Stephanie adds a new listing, her site does several things for her:

  • All her photos are automatically cropped to the best thumbnail image.
  • As she fills out the listing form (say for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath with a parking spot), the listing on her site automatically inserts the corresponding amenity icons and the associated number,  making her listings visually appealing and really easy to understand at a glance.
  • When she sells a property, she merely has to change its status and the listing automatically changes place, appearing under her sold tab and floating a sold banner across the image.

Clients are able to recommend Stephanie and rave about her services under the “client love” tab.  All Stephanie has to do is approve the comment and her testimonials practically write themselves!

Lastly, Stephanie (and her site, if I may be so bold) goes above and beyond with an exclusive page just for her clients.  This page is password protected and provides all kinds of useful tools and information to make the buying/selling process as easy and hassle-free as possible for her clients.

We were so honored to participate with Flipside on such a creative and unique site.  Now Stephanie can take her client appreciation and business to a whole new level!

We’d love to transform your site into a ingeniously functional powerhouse.  Feel free to challenge us.

Stephanie Orr, Your Real Estate Agent

Launch: March 1st, 2012