I just received the formal confirmation from Flight Centre that I have officially paid for my flight to Europe.  So….where am I going? Well, let me tell you.

First of all, my amazing and driven husband will be racing his bike from Germany to Italy in 7 days in a grueling race called The Trans Alps.  Once he has completed that amazing and fulling task I will meet up with him and we will begin our Europe adventure.

I am not going to tell you where I am traveling to.  You have to guess.

The first clue…

This country is a leader in Green Technologies such as, recycling, waste water management and energy efficiency.

The second clue…

This country has the most photographed Welcome to sign in all of Europe.

The third clue…

This country is responsible for the invention of the Rubix’s Cube and Vitamin C.

Now, I know some of you know already…

But I would love to get your feedback on what you think these three countries are and if you can guess the cities I will be visiting, while in these countries.  This is very exciting for me because this is my first trip to Europe.  I have traveled to many places and started when I was in Grade 9 when I took my first trip without my parents.  I spent 3 months in a small town called Ohtaki on Hokkaido in Japan.  The following year, I spent a month in Mexico in a small town called Cuernavaca just outside of Mexico City without my parents.  The following year, a few months in Tokyo, Japan…the following year 4 months in Sendai, Japan only to return home for one month and to return to Sendai again for another 4 months.  Among other places I have traveled are both coasts of Mexico, Hawaii, many places in the continental United States, and twice to Cuba.  I know I am not a world traveler but in a few short months I can cross 3 more countries off my “to-do” list.

So I invite you to guess what these three countries are and their cities that are about to Get Jacked.

Country 1: I will be visiting 1 major city.

Country 2: I will be visiting 3 major cities.  With many stops along the way.

Country 3: I will be vising 1 major city.