Mystery Country #2 is Austria

Cities on the Roster:
Innsbruck, Salzburg, Linz, Vienna, Braunau am Inn &  F***ing

Austria is all about music.  With famous musicians like Mozart, Billy Joel dedicating songs to Vienna, and Julie Andrews singing about the hills being alive and brown paper packages in The Sound of Music, I almost expect that when I cross the border into Austria, the clouds will smile & sing to me.  Are these high expectations? Well, even if the clouds don’t sing to me, this is going to one heck of an adventure.

With so much history, culture, beer & Schnitzel, we have a lot to see and do while in Austria…to name a few:


A good friend of Rob’s, Johanna Hunt is Austrian and spent time here so we would like to visit this town while we are close by and since we are coming from Munich, it is only 1.5 hours away by car.  After investigation I have discovered that there is a cafe called…The Mustache Cafe.  It must be written in the stars.  I have an innocent fetish with Mustache paraphernalia, although I actually detest them on men.


2 nights in Salzburg.  There is lots to see and do while here so our days will be packed with so much.  But we are attending the Salzburg Marionette Theatre one evening.  We will be watching a performance about The Sound of Music.  (Sorry Rob, but I bought two tickets and one is for you)  Other things on the agenda include:

  • Trick Fountains Hellbrunn
  • Fortress Hohensalzburg
  • Mozart’s House
  • Eat & Drink

We will have to be sure to stock up on Mozart balls…a delicious chocolate treat.   Apparently while in Salzburg, a traveler should not speak to the locals about The Sound of Music…so I have read.


2 nights in Vienna.  OH Vienna…romantic.  While I would love to be in Vienna for Christmas, the summer will be just as amazing.  I don’t even know what to say about Vienna except for I am in awe of her romantic beauty.

Now from Vienna we move to the 3rd Mystery country.

On our way back to Munich, we will pass through Austria again and on our return, we will pass through Linz. Adolf Hitler grew up in Linz (but was not born here), Mozart wrote the Symphony No. 36 also known as the Linz Symphony, Mauthausen is a village near Linz and was the site of Austria’s biggest concentration camp during the Third Reich.

Then to Braunau am Inn which is where Adolf Hitler was born.  If you haven’t guessed already with all the history, my husband Rob is a history buff.  His brain is full of everything and anything you need to know about history and especially the history that surrounds WWII.  Stopping at these historical locations is a must do for us.

Finally, before we leave Austria…there is one more town that we will pass through before we spend the last few days of our trip drinking in Germany.  This is the town that has the most photographed AND stolen sign in all of Europe.  Why you ask?? Because this town is called F***ing.  It isn’t just a funny name, there is a lot of history here too that dates back to 1070.  This is a small place and is little more than a settlement with a mere 91 residents.  If you are from F***ing are you a  F***er?   So thank you to the Bavarian man named Focko, of which the town is named after.

Where is Mystery Country #3?

The third clue…

This country is responsible for the invention of the Rubix’s Cube and Vitamin C.

If you haven’t guessed yet…you are running out of time.