The Beehive Hair Lounge in Vancouver

Where Hair-Do’s Rock

Have you ever entered a salon and knew – from the moment you walked in – that it was the place for you?  Like when everything about the salon just screams creativity and cleanliness?  That was my personal Beehive experience.  Not only is Sarah Campbell the best hair stylist ever (ever!), she and the entire team at The Beehive are friendly, creative types who make you feel confident putting your precious hair in their experienced hands.

For such a vibrant salon, The Beehive required a customizable and clean-cut website.  We used a free WordPress theme and gave them a style to fit their needs.  Texturizing their website with a blog?  Check!  Thinning out their staff list or giving it volume with just a push of a button?  Check!  Structuring their price list whenever they need to?  Check! (All puns intended.)

Now, The Beehive has a site to match their level of awesomeness.  The best part?  If The Beehive decides they need a change, their website is always able to pull of a new look – just like the stylists!

Launch: January 2012