Long story short…after more side roads, more old abandoned check points, one hell of a hail storm that forced people to stop on the highway under the nearest overpass for shelter, temperatures ranging from 35 –> 22 –> 35, sunflower fields that go on forever and ever, windmills that stretch as far as you can see, and a beautiful drive into Budapest…we arrived.  Now Rob and I agreed that if the GPS started to take us out of the city again…we would stop right away and I would ask someone where the hotel was…sure enough…the GPS was not on our side…so 5 minutes of driving in the city made of one-way streets, we stopped and I asked the nearest lady I could find.

And so we did.  We pulled over right away and I asked this lady walking down the street.  I asked her if she spoke English…she said a little bit…but do you speak German? I laughed and said no…do you speak Japanese? She laughed and said no…so I showed her the address I was looking for.  She was so friendly and helpful but didn’t know where this street was, so she asked the next guy walking by us.  They had about a minute conversation in Hungarian, then they spoke to me a little more.  As we were talking, someone else walks by and over heard the conversation and joined in to help.  WOW! What a concept, random people wanting to help…Vancouver could learn a little about this.  What does two minutes do to your day? I think we should all decide every morning when we get up to make it a goal to spend two minutes to help someone else today.  Could you imagine?

So after more conversation between the 4 of us…the first lady and the second man, continued on their way…and the last guy to join in to help, who spoke perfect English, came over to the car and reprogrammed the GPS for us…the accent over the O did it to us again.  And off we went to find the hotel.  Which turned out to be just down the street.

We checked into the hotel and had only an hour of street parking.  So we decided to go up to the hotel to relax for a bit before I had to move the car to the parkade which was down the street at another hotel.  The parkade for our hotel was full.

Our room was beautifully decorated and was all brand new since the hotel went through a serious renovation last year.  The Boutique Hotel Zara in Budapest was lovely.

I ventured out to find the parking lot.  Now Budapest is made up of a series of one-way streets, much like Vienna.  I had to make a series of rights, lefts, straight through to find the hotel…I followed the path as the conceirge suggested…but as I get to the last straight thru road…the sign looks like a don’t enter sign if you ask me…I am left with no choice but to go right.  Now, I am heading back to the hotel…so I tried it again.  Same thing…GRRRR.  ok, back to the hotel to ask what is up.  He insisted it was right…so I tried it again.  This time, there is a truck in front of me and he went straight through that road, so I said screw it, I am going too.  HAHA, turns out…the sign doesn’t mean don’t enter…it means, there is a one way street up ahead. DUH!  It only took me 60 minutes to figure that out.  So, I get to this other hotel and park the car…check the floor, wipe the sweat from my brow after parking in that spot and start to walk back to the hotel.

Now, it is getting late so we decide to just walk around the hood to check out where we are.  Turns out, that we are right across the street from the Great Market Hall which is amazing.  We have to meet our Cooking Class tour guide in front of The Great Market Hall tomorrow morning, so that couldn’t be more convenient.

Until tomorrow…our first full day in Budapest.  I can’t wait for it to start…