We headed back into Munich to get ready for the Beer History Tour.  With the day we had, we really needed to experience the love in Munich too…a love of beer, with another history lesson.

We met the tour group, and our guide…whose name was Austin and was from Texas…but not Austin, Texas.  HAHA.

Munich is the beer capital of the world after all, so when in Rome.   Munich is known for its beer-halls, beer-gardens, and the legendary Oktoberfest.

This tour took us on an adventure into the heart of beer culture and where the locals go.  We learned all about the beer, the Purity Law of 1516, Oktoberfest, HaufbrauHaus, Hausfrauen brew-women, different types of beer with samples of course.

And then the best traditional Bavarian food in all its variety – Weisswurst, dumpling, roast pork and more, duck liver pate, and the best cheese spread in the whole wide world.

I drank my first Litre of beer here, and proudly sported the bruise on my hand.  As the tour guide said, if you don’t bruise your hand from the weight of the Litre beer, then you aren’t drinking it right!

WOW! We have so many memories from this night, from the crazy guy that was flirting with the flirty girls, the couples from around the world, to the hilarious tour guide Austin.  This tour, is a must do when in Munich…I would even highly consider doing it again.

To point out…the golden box behind the glass…that is the “safe” for the beer recipes.  It works much like the Missiles do…you need multiple keys to open it and each key is held by a different person.  They take their beer seriously…and so should you.  Oh and I didn’t post the last photo that I took for the evening….sorry, but there was a very funny vending machine in the ladies bathroom at the train station.  Don’t forget to check it out if you ever go there…