Oh my word!

That’s right…Get Jacked Marketing is excited to battle the Create-a-Thon with Flip Side Creative for a second year in a row.

It is a 24-hour event Flip Side Creative holds each year where their team designs, writes, ideates, lives and breathes the brands of a few selected local charities, while Get Jacked Marketing codes for 24 hours straight. We drink a lot of coffee, we toss around ideas, we dine on Skittles and white dinner rolls, and we create what these charities need – websites, logos, brochureware, posters, tshirts, and more! We thought it would be an awesome way for our team to give back. Turns out, we are the ones who feel gratitude each year.

So from 7am on November 8th to 9am on November 9th, Jackelyn Thompson, Master Webologist at Get Jacked will be wide eyed and hopped up on caffeine, doing her best to give back to those who give so much to our community.

Looking forward to sharing with everyone once the fog clears on Friday afternoon after some much needed sleep.