Master Webologist

I believe that the only way to evolve and grow is through knowledge and the constant pursuit of obtaining more of it.

I have been doing what I love and loving what I do for nearly a decade. When I started out I was a Project Manager and Lead Developer for a Graphics and Website Design firm in Vancouver and for the past 7 years, as a self employed entrepreneur.

I have completed several university level programs that all focused on Software and Website Development as well as the design and creation of aesthetically appealing and user friendly websites and applications. It is a mission at Get Jacked Marketing to learn new tools and constantly improve our services and as such, we are forever enrolled in seminars and courses that help to expand the knowledge we share with our clients.

As an Owner and Partner in Get Jacked Marketing with a website development background of nearly a decade, as well as, project management and administrative systems implementation, I have the necessary skills, experience and creative drive to make our clients’ projects a success.

“A website makes it possible to reach where an individual can not physically. Whether the websites we create are for business or for personal use; our creations will open doors to amazing opportunities and journeys that were once inaccessible and inconceivable. From the inception of the design to the final implementation it is YOUR signature, YOUR cyber statement that we are developing together. There is no easier way to put forward, to the world, what you are about. There is no reason not to do it.

In a world where visual statements are in high demand and where our language is becoming dominated with digital mumbo jumbo, quality is what our clients want, know and value. Our design and marketing team create websites that are designed with success in mind and made to win. Our clients have quality on their minds. We employ inspiration, creativity and knowledge to ensure that is exactly what we deliver to you, our client.” ~ Jackelyn Thompson


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