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Ainslie Cyopik, a retired professional dancer and the driving force behind AinslieWear, has bridged the gap from professional dancer to professional designer. Having spent 15 years dancing with companies such the National Ballet of Canada and Ballet British Columbia, she often found the dancewear available didn’t quite fit right or meet the needs of long rehearsal days. Instead of “just making do”, she created a line of dancewear for herself with all the qualities she was looking for. Over the years, her reputation grew as a designer of dancewear clothing that not only looked great on, but was also made with a personal understanding of a dancer’s needs.

Carrying on her love for the art of dance and a true passion for the grace of its practitioners, Ainslie started a business focusing on her design and development of dancewear on a full-time basis in 1997. Today, AinslieWear bodysuits, known for their exceptional quality and fabulous fit, are worn by leading dancers and students alike, from Paris to Tokyo. Visit AinslieWear.com >

The Fun – Full E-Commerce

Having been working with Ainslie and her fantastic team for the past few years maintaining her website with her most recent product line, newsletters and store locations around the world. When Ainslie came to me with the idea to go full E-Commerce I was more than ecstatic to be involved.

We needed to come up with a system that would allow them to easily manage their content and product line, as well as provide full “store” abilities from order notifications to printing shipping labels, the ability to purchase Gift Certificates that could be either mailed or emailed. We shopped around for the best platform to build Ainslie’s empire on and after weighing all the options, we decided on X-Cart. X-Cart is an off the shelf full e-commerce package with many add-ons and customizable features.

Working closely with the AinslieWear team and Terri Margo, Ainslie’s marketing guru, we have been able to launch Ainslie’s full E-commerce store. Go shopping today >


“Jackelyn navigated the world of setting up an ecommerce site for AinslieWear. After making a comparison of three different solutions, she presented a very clear case for X-cart and Pay Pal. Her straightforward explanations and can do attitude helped us make the choice. It turned out to be a very user friendly solution. We are so thrilled with the final product!” ~ Terri Margo, AinslieWear

AinslieWear E-commerce Store

Launch Date: April 30th, 2011


WordPress is a powerful tool that enables everyone to get the most out of their websites. Whether it is for personal or business. In order to get the most out of your website it has to be Search Engine Optimized (SEO). If your website isn’t SEO friendly, your potential clients won’t find you. This article isn’t about the pros and cons of SEO, but it is important to know that is should be factored into all websites. SEO doesn’t have to be ugly either. Some people think that by making your website SEO friendly, you have to compromise design elements. That just isn’t true. Yes, you have to take some things into consideration, but your design flare shouldn’t be on the chopping block. Keep in mind though, even though you are building your website for your clients and potential clients, search engines come between you and them…so it has to be built for them too.

So, this article is just part 1 of 3. I am going to talk about a couple plugins that I install with all the websites I build for my clients. The WordPress Must Haves for SEO. They are free plugins and don’t require any additional programming, just download, install and activate.

The first plugin I want to highlight as one of my favourites and is called HeadSpace. There are lots and lots of plugins for SEO and I find that HeadSpace really allows the end user (my clients, NOT theirs) to be able to manage their page titles, keywords, descriptions and many other elements just as easy as they are adding content to their pages.

HeadSpace allows you to add all sorts of meta-data (secret behind the scenes code), add JavaScript and CSS to pages and posts. This plugin can even suggest tags for your posts and so much more.

If you are just getting started with your SEO plan, there is a great “Global” feature that allows you to apply a global strategy. This is good for the beginning because it gets some SEO applied to all your pages and posts…but don’t leave it this way. When you have the time to commit to customizing each page, you should. You want to try to avoid keeping the SEO plan the same the multiple pages. Make the titles and descriptions different for every page so that you can take the most advantage.

Configure meta-data for your individual pages using HeadSpace plugin for WordPress

Configure meta-data for your individual pages using HeadSpace plugin for WordPress

You can configure meta-data for:

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Categories
  • Home page
  • Author pages
  • Search pages
  • 404 page

Define tags, keywords, titles, descriptions and so much more with a unique plugin for WordPress called HeadSpace

Define tags, keywords, titles, descriptions and so much more with a unique plugin for WordPress called HeadSpace

You can define:

  • Tags/keywords, with suggested keywords
  • Descriptions
  • Page titles
  • Custom ‘more text’
  • Site name and site description
  • Custom themes – change your theme on each page!
  • Custom plugins – load a plugin only on specific pages
  • Additional CSS and JavaScript files
  • Noindex and nofollow meta tags
  • Follow/follow on archive, category, page, tag, and comment links

HeadSpace is available in:
English | French | Polish | Dutch | Italian | Bulgarian | Spanish | Russian | Danish | Japanese | Portuguese | German | Chinese | Indonesian | Romanian | Turkish | Ukrainian | Estonian

HeadSpace is frequently referenced as an all-in-one, while it covers lots of the basic needs, you will have to stay tuned for my next article to see why it is an all-in-one, but not the ONLY one. Come back next month for my next MUST HAVE SEO plugin for WordPress.

Jackelyn Thompson | www.getjackedaboutit.ca


The Fun

Good Space Interior Decorating wanted to give their website a face-lift and create a feeling similar to what their clients feel once they have worked with Good Space.


All brands, large or small deserve good design. Monolab specializes in crafting unique identities from the ground up, designing every aspect of how they look, sound and communicate with their audience.

Email: monica@monolab.ca

Launch Date: April 19th, 2011

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