I have been known to dabble in the sport of flag football for enjoyment, but these guys take athletic achievement to a whole new level. Meet The Peak Centre, a place where wellness, athleticism and education combine to create a very specific and individualized experience. They are serious about their work, and they have a blast doing it! The Team is highly knowledgeable but also extremely personable. They offer a wide range of services and specific advice on how to achieve your fitness goals. Just having a glance at their client roster will show you how talented and dedicated the Team at The Peak Centre really are.

James and I have worked on other projects together in the past so I was happy when he contacted me about giving his website a workout. James knows that when dealing with me, he is going to get quality work at a great price. And – since he trusts my judgement – I am able to complete projects for him without needing his input all the time, giving him more time to work and me more time to be creative.

The Peak Centre website needed some more muscle. Redesigning it in WordPress, gave James and his team the functionality they needed while enabling them to manage content changes in house. Since they are always on the go, they wanted to be able to update and change weekly schedules and virtual races themselves instead of incurring monthly maintenance fees. Now, James and his team can focus on their clients’ goals instead of on their website.


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About Cici Art Factory

First of all, if you haven’t seen any of Liz’ art around, you  should really check it out.  She creates the most beautiful art for children.  The very whimsical worlds make you  feel like pulling a Mary Poppins, lay the art on the ground and jump right in.  Art for little eyes is her tagline, being a mother herself she really has a profound ability to tap into the child’s imagination and recreate their wonderful visions into art for your home.  This year, she is also launching her Cushions and the new ability to order customized canvas art pieces online.  Now you can customize your canvas pieces with the child’s initials or name someone within the piece.

The Fun

Circus Train

Circus Train - Definately one of my favourites

When Liz came to me, ultimately she was looking for someone to help her with Search Engine Optimization and just to convert her existing site into WordPress so that she would be able to manage her new products and site content on her own moving forward.  After recreating her website, keeping the exact same look, she decided that she was ready to move to the next step, a face-lift.

Her brand is already well established, so we did not want to stray from that, but instead, we focused more on a really showcasing her products and emphasis that you can purchase her art online.  We changed a few things up and introduced a few new features.  For example, you can now choose to customize the Canvas pieces with initials or a child’s name, as well as adding the new categories, like Robots in Love, Butterflies, Cushions, etc…  We needed to be sure that Liz can easily add new categories in the future as she grows and expands her product line.

Launch Date: May 14th, 2011


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About The Edge Cafe

The Edge Cafe and EdgeCeptional Catering has been a lifelong personal vision for Judy, taken on with great passion and a good dose of persistence! After many years of travelling for a previous career, She set herself on a mission to provide to others what she could not easily find – fresh & healthy, quality food with a flair of creativity and uniqueness. With a warm and friendly approach, the pride of product and service in all that they represent is reflected by every Edge Team professional. Whether you visit The Edge Cafe or are part of one of their many catering services, Judy invites you to enjoy an experience that is “EdgeCeptional” at every level.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting The Edge Cafe, I insist that you must do it now. Every time I enjoy lunch at The Edge Cafe, I ALWAYS walk away with an order of Judy’s infamous Butter Chicken to enjoy later. Whether you want a delicious breakfast or just simply need a quiet place to have a client meeting and enjoy some great coffee or a soup & sandwich, The Edge Cafe should be your next destination.

The Fun

I have actually had the pleasure of enjoying Judy’s delicious food for over 6 years now. Her cafe once was located downtown and I would enjoy a bowl of her homemade soup daily. After all the years of being a dedicated Butter Chicken eater, we spoke about her need for a website facelift. Judy really needed to be able to manage the content from within her team since she has daily specials that need to be posted. As well as keeping the catering menus up-to-date was a must.

I put together a plan that included a website redesign and rebuild using WordPress, coupled with an enewsletter tool and SEO package. With all these elements in place, Judy will be able to take Vancouver by storm and become the “Must-Have” caterer at any and all events in Vancouver. With Judy’s unique vision and absolutely amazing dishes, my job was easy.

Launch Date: May 10th, 2011

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