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Website Like a Fart in an Elevator?
Dec 2012 12

This article was written by a great friend and fellow web enthusiast.  Who is also on a mission to clean up the online world and educate people what not to do!  Just saying…there are some real stinkers out there!

The following was written by Jessica Grey.

Website Like a Fart in an Elevator?

Everyone knows it stinks, but no one says anything…

Maybe it looks pretty but the content sucks, or the content is great but the design is lacking, or the navigation is frustrating, or you’re missing key elements. You’re probably too busy to notice or think about it too much. You are running a business, after all. Your friends might be too nice to tell you, and strangers couldn’t care less… they’re onto the next one in seconds.

As a business owner you’re probably good at your elevator pitch. You can quickly articulate what you do, and how your products or services can help people solve a problem. Maybe you’ve gone a step further by attending workshops on how to speak clearly and confidently in front of strangers. These are all good steps toward getting new clients and making more money.

What makes your website content any different?

How come so many business websites and other marketing materials are embarrassingly inadequate? Would you ever present your elevator pitch in incomplete sentences?

Bad website content makes your web visitors turn up their noses and click away. Visitors who could have read further, could have clicked ‘Contact Us’ or filled out a form to learn more about how your services can help them. They would have contacted you instead of you having to cold call them, or spend all your time at networking events spewing your elevator pitch at high frequency. (I’m not suggesting you should stop networking – connecting with people in real life is a very valuable piece of the puzzle.)

The internet is a giant networking event

The internet gives you endless, FREE opportunities to quickly lay down the reasons why your business, products or services are so great, and you don’t even have to put on a suit or leave your house. You could promote your business online all day long without wearing pants should you so desire. Your website is your elevator pitch, and if you’re not thinking of it as an important part of your networking strategy, you need to start now. It’s an extremely valuable and very affordable form of advertising that not enough people use to their full advantage.

How can people hire you if they don’t know how you can help them?

What if they have no idea what you do? Your website can help you communicate that, even if you have a crippling fear of public speaking, or claustrophobia and always take the stairs.

Lesson: no matter how great you are at what you do, if you can’t communicate it clearly and effectively online, you’re missing out on huge opportunities for business growth.

How to avoid stinking up the internet

An elevator pitch should have several key elements to be effective, and so should your website.

Elements of a basic website:

  • A ‘Home’ page that quickly and clearly lets people know what you do and how you can help them
  • An ‘About’ page that goes into further detail about your experience and your credentials
  • A ‘Services’ page or something similar that describes your products or services
  • Examples of your work and your clients, including the oh-so-valuable testimonials
  • A strong, prominently placed call to action that persuades your website visitors to take action (such as complete a form or email or call you directly)
  • Clearly and prominently placed contact information, either on a ‘Contact Us’ page or in the header of all pages
  • These elements apply to a basic website that promotes your business online, but can be customized to fit your business’ unique requirements. If you’re running an e-commerce business, for example, your website would obviously be much more complex.

Of course, it’s not just about written content

If your site is full of bad graphics, run-of-the-mill stock photos and all-around bad navigation, even the best content is lost.

If you’re keen and have the skills and time, you can try to tackle your web content and design on your own. If not, a good web developer, graphic designer and copywriter can help you.

Are you afraid your website might stink?

If you suspect your website content could be freshened up, I have a special offer for you:

I will rewrite one page of your web content so you can see how much better it can be, and I’ll do it for FREE! All I ask is that if you like what I write, you let me send you a quote for the whole project. (Some restrictions apply).

Interested? Call or email me!

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