Follow these steps:

  • Go to Netfirms
  • Click the Web Hosting at the top
  • Choose the option that suits your needs. Typically, most people just need the cheapest option. If a bigger package is on sale and is cheaper than the smallest package, take it. It doesn’t cost anything to downgrade your account later
  • Select either 1 year or 2 year billing and click the “Sign up now” button
  • On the next screen, since you already own your domain, choose the second option to transfer a existing domain to Netfirms. Or if you have a free domain option, you can always select another domain at this time for free.
  • On the next page, Step 2: you need to fill out your billing information.
  • Scroll down and be sure that you DO NOT have any extra features checked. You DO NOT need these extra costs.
  • Click the “Check Out” button
  • Follow the remaining steps and remember the password that you choose if you had the option to choose it at this time.  If not, then it will come in an email from Netfirms
  • Now you have purchased hosting with Netfirms (if we are setting up your new website, please forward all the emails from Netfirms to me and provide me with your password so I can get your new site ready)

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