Follow these steps:

  • Go to Website Domain and Hosting: Dream Host
  • Click on Hosting (if you already have a hosting, then just choose domain)
  • Click the “Start your free trial”
  • Enter your email and password
  • Register a New Domain (or if you already have a domain, choose, just the hosting option)
  • Enter your Domain name into the text box
  • Choose the “Full Web Hosting” (1 Year for $9.95/mo (prepaid at $119.40).)
  • Click continue
  • Enter your contact information and click continue
  • Fill out the next information requirements (the server name can be whatever they suggest, it doesn’t matter)
  • check the “I Agree” box and continue
  • Enter your credit card information and click continue.
  • Follow any remaining steps. Watch your email for any emails that come in.

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