Follow these steps:

  • Go to Netfirms
  • Click the Domain Names at the top
  • On the right side you can search for the domain name that you want and choose the extension from the drop down box. (extension = .ca or .com or .org) and click Search
  • If the domain you are searching for is available then it will say Congratulations. If not, then it will show you some options that you may like. If you don’t like the options then try again with a different variation.
  • Once you find the domain name and it is available, click the Continue button at the bottom….BUT, make sure that you only have the “1” domain name that you want checked.
  • On the next screen, choose the “NO THANKS” buttons. You don’t need any extra stuff
  • Now on the checkout page, your order should only be 9.95 + tax (10.45).
  • Fill out all your personal information. There are 2 checkboxes in the personal information areas that must be checked, so don’t over look these. Fill out your payment information and “COMPLETE ORDER”
  • You will receive a couple emails from Netfirms, confirmations and order details. Keep these for your records and make sure that you remember your password. If you purchased a .CA domain, you will receive an email from CIRA. You MUST keep this for your records as well and it contains your username and password for CIRA. Read this email carefully, you may have to follow up by clicking a link in the email.
  • All done, you now own your domain.

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